Project Design, Project Management & VCP Compliance

D. Schau & Associates, Inc. is a licensed project designer and management planner under the Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act (AHERA).  Project design work includes the documentation of an asbestos remediation strategy, including project specifications or a project manual and associated diagrams or drawings.  Project design is utilized to direct a remediation contractor on the proper procedures and the successful, safe removal of asbestos-containing building materials during a renovation.  Project design work is common to schools, however, is also utilized in conjunction with the Missouri Department of Natural Resources’ Voluntary Clean-Up Program (VCP).  Historic and Brownfield tax credit programs may require a project design that successfully removes all contaminants from a property under renovation.  D. Schau & Associates, Inc. has provided and implemented dozens of project designs for schools and industries, including more than 13 major buildings in the St. Louis area under the Brownfield VCP Program.

D. Schau & Associates, Inc. has also implemented asbestos management plans, which is an AHERA mandated document for various school districts, including the City of St. Louis and Kirkwood R-7 school districts in the St. Louis area.  Management plans document the existence of asbestos-containing building materials in various school buildings along with remediation programs and operations and maintenance programs for maintaining these materials in good condition.

Air Monitoring and Measurements

D. Schau & Associates, Inc. specializes in comprehensive air monitoring for numerous environmental and occupational contaminants.  We specialize in asbestos, lead, radon, mold, indoor air quality, including LEED Certification testing (for Green Building compliance), industrial solvents, dusts and gases.

Professional air monitoring is performed to evaluate OSHA compliance in construction and industry, including demolition.  Air monitoring is performed for numerous contaminants, including those specifically regulated by OSHA such as arsenic and other heavy metals, benzene, vinyl chloride, silica dust and many others.

In addition to air monitoring for inorganic and organic materials above, D. Schau and Associates, Inc. has performed air monitoring in residential homes and institutions for radon gas.  Radon gas is a natural phenomenon occurring in many parts of Missouri as a result of rock formations.  We are certified by the National Environmental Health Association to perform indoor measurements for Radon under the National Radon Proficiency Program.

D. Schau and Associates, Inc. also specializes in noise measurements.  We have performed noise measurements including dosimeter studies, in industry for steel plants and foundries, manufacturing, fabricating, machine shops, plastics, bottling, mining operations and many other industries.  Mr. Schau has performed extensive studies on railroad engine cabs and railroad support activities, and has testified as an expert witness in noise litigation matters.

Environmental Services

D. Schau & Associates, Inc. has performed numerous phase I environmental site assessments for commercial real estate developers, private investors and financial institutions.  A phase I environmental site assessment is a comprehensive environmental history of a property that provides appropriate documentation under CERCLIS liability for innocent landowner defense.  Phase I environmental site assessments attempt to evaluate potential petroleum contamination from the historic use of a property.

D. Schau & Associates, Inc. provides phase II environmental services, including asbestos and lead sampling and inspection.  Asbestos inspections are performed in buildings prior to renovation or demolition activities.  A certified asbestos inspection report is required in the State of Missouri prior to any demolition project.  These inspections detail locations and quantities of potential contaminants along with a possible remediation strategy.

D. Schau & Associates, Inc. also provides environmental services for the evaluation of contaminated soils and has assisted numerous customers in the evaluation and remediation of underground storage tanks (USTs) including evaluation of “vapor intrusion”.

Support facilities for this type of work include NVLAP or AIHA accredited facilities using polarized light microscopy for asbestos analysis, while current OSHA and EPA methods are utilized in the laboratory analysis of lead and other chemical contaminants.

Laboratory Services

D. Schau & Associates, Inc. has been a successful participant in the American Industrial Hygiene Association (AIHA) Asbestos Analyst Registry (AAR) for more than two decades.  This program provides asbestos analyst testing proficiency ratings for asbestos fiber count analysis utilizing phase contrast microscopy (PCM) under the NIOSH 7400 method.  D. Schau & Associates, Inc. has performed in-house fiber count analysis for more than 18 years.

AIHA accredited laboratories are used for analysis of other contaminants such as lead, vapors, gases, dusts and solvents.  Radon analysis is performed by an EPA accredited laboratory facility, and mold samples are evaluated by an AIHA accredited microbiology facility.

A comprehensive laboratory report is provided with each closeout document.  Laboratory analysis is generally specific to the individual compound, but in many cases, may be achieved in as little as 24 hours.

Expert Witness

David L. Schau, CIH, CSP has provided numerous depositions in asbestos and noise litigation cases.  Mr. Schau has more than 40 years of experience in the fields of safety and health and has testified seven times as a defense expert in asbestos related matters.

David L. Schau, CIH, CSP is also a former state approved instructor for Missouri licensing of audiometric technicians by CAOHC.  Mr. Schau has performed numerous sound level surveys on behalf of private industry and has testified twice as an expert in matters of noise litigation.