Sample of Past Projects
Chase Park Plaza

Chase Park Plaza:


This historic landmark lay dormant and deteriorating for most of the 1980’s and 1990’s. In 1997, D. Schau & Associates became an important part of the redevelopment team. The Chase Hotel became the largest Brownfield tax credit project in the State of Missouri. D. Schau & Associates wrote the Project Specifications for the removal of asbestos and hazardous materials and provided the project oversight and third party air monitoring for this remediation under the direction of the Missouri Department of Natural Resources, Voluntary Clean-Up Program. Ten years later the Hotel ownership continued the redevelopment by modernizing the Park Plaza Apartments adjoining at the north. The Chase Park Plaza Hotel is one of the most recognized landmarks in the Central West End of the City of St. Louis.
Continental Building

Continental Building:


The Continental Life Insurance Building (1929) is one of the tallest and oldest buildings in mid town St. Louis. This Historic structure lay vacant for more than twenty five years. There were actually trees growing on the interior of the structure. D. Schau & Associates became a part of the Owen Development team and assisted in the redevelopment of this old landmark. D. Schau & Associates developed the project design for the removal of environmental contaminants and performed the oversight during the remediation activities. This structure was brought back to “Life” in 2002.

Southside National Bank Building

Southside National Bank:


The Southside Bank has been a South St. Louis landmark since 1928. It was originally opened by the Anheuser Busch family. It recently closed at the turn of the millennium and was redeveloped by the Lawrence Group in 2007. D. Schau & Associates assisted in the environmental remediation of this facility, which was converted to condominiums and commercial space upon its completion.

Marquette Building

Marquette Building:


This downtown skyscraper was 90% vacant for many years. After several failed attempts by others, The Lawrence Group obtained this building from the City of St. Louis, after the City received it from a high profile New York Wall Street investor.  Redevelopment began in 2005 and D. Schau & Associates wrote the environmental remediation plan for the Missouri Department of Natural Resources and managed the abatement activities from start to finish. This building is now a modern condo/apartment structure.
St Louis Arch

St. Louis Arch:


The “Gateway to the West” was completed in 1965. D. Schau & Associates has provided Industrial Hygiene consultation services to the Department of Interior for many years. During the renovation of the museum area and maintenance of the trams, D. Schau & Associates performed vital air monitoring during the removal of asbestos from both legs of the Arch. Under our direction this abatement was performed safely during down time.
Thomas Eagleton Federal Court House

Thomas Eagleton Federal Court House:


Construction on the Thomas Eagleton Court House had already begun, when it was discovered that the site was once a “white lead” smelter. Contamination was discovered during excavation. D. Schau & Associates, working in conjunction with the GSA and Ahrens Contracting, Inc., formulated a unique plan by treating the contaminated soil in place, thus bonding the leachable lead to the soil, and making it possible to remove it safely as special waste to an acceptable landfill. This method was successful in keeping the project on schedule and saving thousands of dollars in expensive laboratory testing and disposal costs.

St Louis Science Center

St. Louis Science Center:


The St. Louis Science Center was built on a former electrical transformer warehouse site. Remediation of former PCB contaminated soil was conducted by a third party. D. Schau & Associates, Inc. acted as an independent consultant representing the Science Center and the St. Louis Public School District, insuring that all material was removed in accordance with the specifications along with all applicable Federal and State guidelines.

Grace Lofts

Grace Lofts:


This small but elegant building was one of the “Loft District’s” first redevelopment projects along Washington Avenue. D. Schau & Associates performed the Phase II Environmental Assessment, wrote the project abatement specifications for remediation, and performed the project oversight during the abatement activities.

St Louis Arena

St. Louis Arena:


Since 1929, the St. Louis Arena was home to many sporting events, circus acts, concerts, and a variety of other notable entertainment activities in St. Louis. By 1999 the “old lady” had outlived its time and made room for the new Kiel Center and the America Center. D. Schau was a part of the Spirtas Wrecking “Blast Team” for the implosion of the old structure. Although all hazardous materials had been removed prior to the explosion, D. Schau & Associates performed perimeter air monitoring during the blast to insure the safety of the project.